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  • How can I donate to MountainChild?

    Online - Donating online is our easiest option. You can donate using any major credit card or your PayPal account here (link to our donate page). Please note that while we do accept international donations, all transactions will be converted to USD.

    By Check - Send checks (please no cash) to our Colorado office at: MountainChild, 16965 Pine Lane, Suite 110 Parker, Colorado 80134, 720.598.7360. If you are donating to a field worker, to a specific core issue, in honor of someone, or want to direct your donation to our operations costs, please write this in the memo of your check.

    International Donations - Donating online would be the best option. If this is not possible, a wire transfer could be arranged through your bank. Please contact our accounting department at for further assistance.

  • Is giving online secure?

    Yes. We use a secure transaction service called Stripe to securely process all online donations. Stripe is a very popular and reputable service used by large organizations around the world.

  • How do I change a recurring donation?

    Simply contact our accounting office at with the details of how you would like to change your recurring donation.

  • What happens to my recurring donation when my credit card expires?

    When your credit card expires, your recurring donations will stop. When you receive your new credit card, you can either set up a new recurring donation with your new credit card or contact our accounting office at, and they can assist you with setting up a new recurring donation.

    The first time a failed transaction occurs because your card has expired, you will receive an email from MountainChild notifying you that your recurring donation cannot be processed because your card has expired and reminding you to set up the recurring donation with your new card.

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes, all USA donations to MountainChild are tax deductible. Please consult your tax preparer for personal donation limits

  • How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

    All donors will receive a document by email or regular mail by January 31 for all donations made in the previous calendar year. If you make donations by sending checks to our Colorado, USA office, please be sure to provide your mailing address, so tax receipts can be mailed to you. If you haven’t received your receipt by January 31, please contact our accounting department at and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

  • I made a general donation to “Give To The Greatest Need". Do I get reporting for how my donation was used?

    No. When you give to MountainChild, your donation is being used to fund urgent programs and projects in the field. This applies whether you give by mail, make a donation on, or give to a fundraising campaign. Your general donation becomes part of our Unrestricted Fund, which is spent on projects and programs in Nepal where it is most needed. With the Unrestricted Fund, we closely track spending, but we don’t tag individual donors’ dollars to specific projects. Even though you won’t receive a specific project report, you can be confident that your money will help to carry hope to people in need and that your gift will be used to fund urgent programs and projects in the field.

  • How do I change or reset my email address?

    Please email with the request to change or reset your email address.

  • Can Explore Teams be involved in construction projects?

    No. The very nature of MountainChild’s approach is holistic in design with a strong dedication to addressing the root cause of poverty, social injustices, and indifference and the factors that lead to transformation. MountainChild is focusing its resources on cause over effect. MountainChild’s principles and methodology for community development are designed to transform the poor, their families, and their communities in sustainable and holistic ways. Our focus is to equip and empower them and to facilitate ownership of the improvements. Furthermore, working in the remote areas often takes months or years and the logistical challenges of building in the remote areas makes it almost impossible for short-term teams to effectively do construction, build relationships, and empower the villagers.

  • How do I cancel my monthly recurring donation?

    Please email requesting the cancellation of your donation. Please provide five (5) business days for your requested cancellation to be effective.

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