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  • Environment

    Erosion together with antiquated farming techniques lead to a crop loss of 40%

  • Child Labor

    Work starts at age 5 and keeps children from attending school

  • Education

    Education breaks the cycle of suffering and leads to lasting transformation

  • Trafficking

    15,000 – 20,000 children with an average age of 12 are trafficked every year in Nepal

  • Health

    24,000 children die before the age of 5 every year in Nepal

  • 5 core issues

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MountainChild is a non-profit organization which carries out all of its work and projects through the donations of individuals and organizations who wish to become active participants in our efforts to carry hope to the children of the Himalayas.


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MountainChild’s HALO Program is Nepal’s first air evacuation service specifically designed to reach the most critical, marginalized, and most remote villagers of the Himalayas.

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When you arrange a personal trek through MCATT (MountainChild Adventure Travel & Trekking) or a stay at the MountainChild Guest House in Kathmandu, you are helping to carry hope to the children of the Himalayas because all proceeds from MCATT and the MC Guest House go directly to funding the humanitarian projects of MC.

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The Latest

The Latest

This is Run4Hope | Sarah Wheeler
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  • Summer is finally here in Nepal! And so are these gorgeous fruits. #summertime #nepal https://t.co/MuDTDkU3d826th Jun 2019
  • Can you imagine the hope offered in a new beginning? #hardwork #butgoodwork https://t.co/T5phiN4WTp25th Jun 2019
  • Our HALO program addresses the urgent need of emergency medical evacuation in the most remote areas of the Himalaya… https://t.co/lWhAkaMrdC24th Jun 2019
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