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The harsh cycle of deprivation and mass poverty in rural Nepal lead to the pervasiveness of poor nutrition, the absence of sanitation, the lack of access to medical care and clean water, and high child mortality rates. This cycle of suffering affects every aspect of life for those in remote villages of Nepal’s Himalayas.


An alarming number of the children living in the Himalayas will die before their eighth birthday. The leading cause of death amongst these children is simple diarrhea and can be directly traced to contaminated drinking water. Limited access to clean water, insufficient sanitation, and poor hygiene worldwide kill 3.6 million people annually. That is more than wars, famine, and AIDS combined.

MountainChild is building remote village water treatment facilities together with medical posts in an effort to get crucial medicine and clean water in close proximity to those who need it most. 3 out of 4 people in Nepal’s rural areas also lack adequate sanitation. To combat the issue, regular health and hygiene training workshops are being conducted in remote villages in an effort to educate villagers on the importance of sanitation and clean water. Working together with engineers, trained doctors, and medical professionals, MountainChild is tackling health issues at the source and rescuing children from certain and imminent death.

Our Tactics

MountainChild works in conjunction with local NGOs to carry out a wide variety of activities designed to provide remote villages access to medical care and the education necessary to improve the overall health conditions in villages. MountainChild is building, staffing, and running remote health posts that will provide medical care where none exists. We are also providing clean water in villages, as well as training villagers on important issues, such as water, sanitation, and hygiene which will help to prevent diseases that lead to the staggering death rates in these areas.

A Generation of Hope

Since 2003 our R.A.N.C.H. (Remote Areas of Nepal Children’s Hope) program has rescued and raised remote village children from desperate health situations. These children are being raised in a healthy environment where they can grow and thrive. Two students who have graduated from our R.A.N.C.H. program are now studying to be medical professionals through the help and support of the R.A.N.C.H. Next Steps program. These two graduates have a desire to raise up a new generation of hope by going back to their villages and working in MountainChild remote health posts.

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