Update on Sama chicken

Our chickens in Sama are doing great and have started laying eggs! At the moment we are getting four eggs each day. Some of the chickens are still young and hopefully next year they will also begin to lay eggs. All of the chickens are active and healthy and feed on rice, weeds, cabbage and the leftovers from the student lunches.

The chicken coop was built inside the greenhouse and has been designed in such a way that the carbon dioxide and the warmth the chickens emit aids to the growth of the plants. This symbiotic relationship between the chickens and plants help aide survival in the harsh mountain climate. The main goal for our chickens is to produce enough eggs for our students to have an egg in their lunch each week to help improve their diet.

Stay with us on this journey of our chickens and the greenhouse, as they serve to carry hope to the children in the Himalayas!

Photo : MC Photo

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