Update on chickens

While the SLC (Sama Learning Center) staff were down from the mountains for the winter break, the parents of our school looked after our 15 chickens. This ensures our chickens would survive the winter and allowed the families to benefit from the eggs that the chickens provide. Despite their best efforts, some of the chickens died leaving only a few healthy ones to return back to our coop.

To our surprise, the parents decided to donate their own chickens to us to replace the ones that had died! One of the parents felt so bad about the chickens dying that she gave two of her chickens to us saying, “Our family wants to give you these chickens because you guys give the children the eggs." All of our chickens now lay eggs and on average we receive 5 to 6 eggs a day!

We are humbled by the generosity the community shows us and appreciate their help and support in our journey to carry hope to the Himalayas!

Photo: MC Photo

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