Unique and Valuable piece

We had our very own JUMLA RANCH kids in the art therapy class! Their eyes were beaming with joy as they entered the placid room of the therapy class. The room filled with joy and laughter as the kids started to sit in front of their ready-to-be-used plain canvases and bright wet paints.

At the beginning of the class, all the canvases were put together to draw a picture of their hometown. Each canvas was a single piece of a bigger picture – Jumla! Then, the canvases were pulled apart and every child got their own canvas to paint. While painting, the children admitted they didn’t see the whole picture and were not sure what they were painting. In the end, they all worked to put it back together to see the whole piece as a beautiful picture of Jumla.

During the discussion, we talked about how if we only looked at one piece, we couldn’t see what the whole picture was. But we realized that each piece was a unique and valuable piece, which together made the picture complete and beautiful. We drew many applications of this lesson to the lives of the children, especially how each one of them is such a special, unique, valuable, and beautiful individual with their own unique story, background, and personality and how each one contributes in their own way to making the RANCH community such a wonderful place.

It was a meaningful and fun class with the Jumla RANCH kids. We were so glad that they were able to visit us and we hope to see them again soon!

Photo : MC Photo

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