Truly a beautiful feeling!

Below is a testimony we received from a teacher at the Sama Learning Center (SLC).

"Tsewang Bhuti, a seven-year-old girl, spent her days as a shepherd. She would chase her family’s cows and yaks into the pasture, protect them from any harm, and bring them back to the barn by nightfall.

One day her parents decided to send her to school. Tsewang is one of the first students to join our kindergarten at the SLC. Our classes are conducted entirely in Nepali and English, but, like so many in this area, she didn’t know either of those and only spoke the local language. During the first month, Tsewang had a difficult time adjusting to the classroom rules and would often misbehave. She would simply laugh when the teachers attempted to help her improve her behavior.

As Tsewang adapted to the classroom culture and learned some Nepali and English, her academic performance improved drastically. She never missed school, and she became one of the most attentive and well-behaved students in her class. Her favorite part of the day is 'clean-up' time, especially sweeping! We’ve even seen her using her shepherding skills to help keep younger children in line at sinks and toilets.

Being a teacher and seeing the impact of our efforts is truly a beautiful feeling. I am assured that now, Tsewang is fully prepared to enter elementary school, and I wish to see her grow more and achieve even greater things in life!"

Photo : MC Photo

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