This is Run4Hope | Sarah Wheeler

This is Sarah Wheeler. And we’re grateful she’s joining us again this year!

What are three fun & interesting facts about yourself?

I love traveling, experiencing new people and trying unique food(I'll eat anything). 

Tell us about where you first learned of MountainChild and the impact it had on you?

I found out about MountainChild a couple of years ago, while searching for local races I came across MountainChild's Run4Hope. Since I have been fascinated by Nepal since high school I started to take a closer look at what MountainChild did in Nepal. As I learned about their Core Values I was amazed by the simplicity and impact they were having in the lives of the Nepali people. I knew I had to be a part of it!

Tell us about your first Run4Hope.

While running 5k's is a fun hobby of mine, I was excited to join a race that stood for so much more than another free t-shirt. I first ran the Run4Hope back in 2017 and I plan on participating year after year! I love the energy and excitement that builds the morning of the race; seeing everyone (friends, families and kids alike) to the starting line as a way to support people that they may never meet.

When your friends and family learn that you are running Run4Hope-- what is the message you hope they are hearing?

My hope is that they will realize that there are simple and practical ways they can reach out and help others around the world. And that by learning about groups like MountainChild they will see that there are people who are doing good in the world; bringing hope even in the darkest places fighting against worldwide issues.

What are you looking forward to at the 2019 Run4Hope?

I'm looking forward to the atmosphere and excitement, and sharing the race with friends and family!

If there was one person you'd LOVE to go trekking in Nepal with, who would be it?

My lifelong adventure partner; my husband Dan.

 We are so grateful for our MountainChild friends!  If you’re in Colorado, please join us! Registration is still open. Enjoy the code: CARRYHOPE247 to save $5. 

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