Successful delivery

Recently we had an unusual experience in our HALO program. A young pregnant lady had been in labor for more than 12 hours without any progress. Her family and neighbors were becoming very concerned for her as they watched her struggle in pain. The local health staff was trying their best to help minimize her pain and to deliver the baby successfully. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the delivery did not progress normally. After seeing no improvement after hours of labor, the health staff decided that a HALO helicopter was needed.

After being carried to the helipad, the mother’s contractions got stronger. Within just a few minutes she gave birth to a baby girl on the helipad! Just as the mother and community were celebrating the birth of the child, the mother started to bleed heavily. Thankfully the health staff was able to control the bleeding until the emergency helicopter arrived just minutes later.

The mother and the newborn baby were flown to Kathmandu to help stabilize them both. The baby was suffering from mild hypothermia and the mother from loss of blood.

We will keep you updated on the incredible journey of this mother and baby. So, stay with us!

Photo: MC Photo

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