Shyo Rescue - Hope Carried by HALO

Shyo, a village in the high Himalayas, is about 45 minutes to an hour walk away from the nearest health post. When we got a call from a health worker for a 21-year-old girl from Shyo with severe abdominal pain, we knew she needed immediate attention. HALO was approved.

However, a turn in the weather made it difficult that caused a delay in the rescue. Finally, after 2 days of patiently waiting and close monitoring, the rescue was made from a helipad 30 minutes away from Shyo. She was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction in Mediciti Hospital in Kathmandu.

After monitoring, she was discharged with a recovery plan and is recovering well. This is why HALO matters. When there is no reasonable access to health care, people suffer. HALO is providing the emergency health care solution for some of the most remote pockets of the Himalayas.

This is how HALO is carrying hope to the Himalayas.

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