Samdo Shower Project

The village of Samdo is known as the gateway to the ancient mountainous trails and roads that lead to Tibet and the Manang district of Nepal. Elevated at 3875m, the village sits on top of a rugged hill and has the backdrop of the thunderous mountains.
MountainChild has partnered with a local NGO for the Samdo Shower Project. The shower project aims to provide the local villagers of Samdo with solar powered community showers.
Due to the severe climates, the need for these showers has become pivotal for the community as heating water is not only expensive but can become very impractical at icy temperatures, discouraging many from practicing good, personal hygiene habits.
As many trekkers pass through the village of Samdo, the trekkers will also be able to use the facility at a price, where all proceeds will go to maintain the cleanliness and maintenance costs for the showers.
The building for the community showers has been built and is ready for the solar system to be installed.
We can't wait to see the impact and health benefits the Samdo Shower project will have on the villagers. We will keep you updated on the project's progress.

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