Sama Greenhouse after winter holiday

After a long winter holiday, our SLC staff have returned to the remote Himalayan village of Samagaun. On their first day back, they went to check on the Sama Greenhouse. During the harsh winter, the plastic insulation and hydroponics pipes had fallen out. This caused the greenhouse to drop to temperatures that we didn't think our crops could survive. There was no one to water or tend plants during the three months of winter break. For this reasons, our staff checked the wicking beds with no expectation of any plants surviving. But they were taken by surprise as cilantro, kale, spinach, borage, and mint had survived the cold harsh winter.

Since then, there have been exciting developments in the Sama Greenhouse. Five raised beds for planting have been created outside the greenhouse. The hydroponics system has been reinstalled and hanging recycled planters have been added. This spring, our staff are hoping to plant a variety of root vegetables and other plants that have never grown in the village before. We aim to use these projects as a way of expanding farming practices and creating more diverse and nutritious options for the villagers' diet in the near future.

Photo: MC Photo

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