Reconstruction story coverage in Manaslu Post

The Manaslu Post, a local newspaper, covered a story about MountainChild's rebuild efforts of the Shree Nubri Primary School, located in the village of Ghap.

The article focuses on the high quality, earthquake-resistant construction methods, and materials that are being used to rebuild the school. It mentions that the newly selected local tourism chairman, Pema Dundup, is encouraging the local community about the importance of developing and enhancing the education sector as well as the tourism sector.

As part of MountainChild's core issue#3, we have been partnering with national and private schools to provide education to the remote villages of the Himalayas. We are thrilled to have partnered with Shree Nubri Primary School since 2012 and are so pleased to be part of providing the infrastructure for this school.

We are grateful for the support from locals who have really come together to make this a community effort!

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