Quick update on SLC greenhouse and chicken

About a month ago, our Sama Learning Center staff planted lentils, mint, Brussel sprouts and radishes in the raised beds outside the greenhouse. It is so encouraging to see these plants sprouting now! The staff also experimented by planting colorful corn and two goji berry bushes. These plants are new to the village and are very resilient in cold and high climates. We believe that they are going to grow well and produce nutritious foods for the future. It is not just these new crops but all of the plants inside the greenhouse are also growing very well. Many of our local friends have visited our greenhouse curious about the plants that they have never seen grown in their village before. We look forward to showing the local people the potential of eating a more varied diet throughout the year.

In order to allow our Sama Learning Center staff to give more attention to expanding our greenhouse activities, all of the chickens have been sold to local villagers.

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Photo: MC photo

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