Quick update on little Nyima

Some months ago, we shared about little Nyima who was brought down to Kathmandu via our HALO rescue service. Due to her noticeably small physique for her age, our staff was concerned that she might have an acute case of malnutrition. However, she was diagnosed with a largely irreversible condition called “stunting”. She received treatment for her minor health issues and returned back home. Our staff, along with her parents, arranged for Nyima to begin her schooling as she had not joined any school yet.

Just recently, we got news that Nyima has enrolled at Shree Nubri Basic School for the new school year. She is currently studying in class one. We are glad to know that she is growing and receiving a proper education. It is our best wishes for her to grow up to be a healthy and beautiful girl.

Photo: MC photo

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