Puberty training in Samagaon

Recently, our SLC teachers had the opportunity to conduct a puberty training at the Gauri Shankar Primary School in Samagaon, for the female students in grade 3-5. Many of the girls were blown away by all the information presented to them and proceeded by asking many questions about puberty.
This particular topic is still one that is hardly or never talked about at school or home as there are many societal and cultural taboos that look down upon issues such as menstruation and reproductive health.
Unfortunately, because of the societal influence on this topic, many girls find themselves unprepared for the changes they face while going through puberty.
Our teachers were happy that the girls opened up to them with the questions they asked. They were also able to hand out feminine hygiene bags to the girls, who were really pleased to have received them.
The impact of a simple puberty training to these girls is one that not only educates them on how their bodies will change as they grow but also teaches them how to best prepare for these changes mentally and physically.

Photo: MC photos

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