Pit greenhouse

In our quest of finding innovative ways to expand farming practices in the Himalayas, we are experimenting with growing plants in an underground greenhouse. Known as a "pit greenhouse", this structure uses stable "below-ground weather" to keep the plants growing no matter the climate above the ground. This is an extremely new idea for the villagers as well as for us. Nonetheless, it is a life changing one if it can enable the community to grow plants in the harsh cold climate.

The round shape of the greenhouse also makes the building much more stable in the event of an earthquake. Inexpensive rice bags filled with dirt are used for making it extremely strong and affordable. Almost all of the materials used are sourced from the village. Through this project, we aim to build the most effective, reproducible, and safest greenhouses in the Himalayas!

Stay with us on this exciting journey of carrying hope through our greenhouse project to the people living the Himalayas.

Photo: MC Photo

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