Peace and Joy

Below is the last of the short testimonies written by a handful of the women employed by our partnership with Beauty for Ashes, Nepal. Over the last months, we have been highlighting the partnership and the newfound joy that is being introduced to the ladies through empowerment and freedom. We hope that as you have seen these testimonies, that you have not only read words on a page, but have heard the voice of a real person. By supporting the anti-trafficking core issue, you are changing lives and giving women and ultimately families a hope for a new future.

“I have worked at many different offices, but I didn’t find them very organized or systematic. When I came here, I realized what a workplace should look like. I just love this place so much. I feel so comfortable and free to work here. I have not always been an organized and responsible person, but I am learning to be responsible and organized at Beauty for Ashes, Nepal. I have learned to be careful in small things also. I think I am growing and maturing in handling my tasks. I am learning so many good things from my boss and the other ladies also. I am so thankful to my boss because she is so friendly and teaches me to work nicely. I feel so much peace and joy working here and I am maturing in many different ways.”

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