Pasang from Lho

We recently had another HALO rescue from Lho, which is located in the Nubri Valley. 55-year-old Pasang Norbu suddenly started vomiting blood in the middle of the night, his body was trembling and he was losing consciousness. The next morning Pasang Norbu was flown to Kathmandu by helicopter for further health assessments. He wasn’t even able to sit up in the helicopter, but thankfully his wife came along with him as his caregiver.

Upon his arrival in Kathmandu, Pasang underwent endoscopic surgery by which the doctors discovered internal bleeding. He had to stay in ICU for six days where he received proper treatment.

Currently, he is staying with relatives in Kathmandu. During our recent visit with Pasang, he was doing much better. Though he is still on medication and will have to go for follow-up, we are really thankful to see him recovering.

Stay with us in our journey to carry tangible hope to the remote areas of the Himalayas through our HALO service!

Photo: MC photo

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