New member in Jumla RANCH family

Part of MountainChild’s strategy to bring lasting transformation in the communities living deep in the Himalayan valleys is through the RANCH (Remote Areas of Nepal Children’s Hope) program. This program opens its doors to raise children who have been rescued from difficult situations and raises them to be carriers of hope in their communities.

Recently, our Jumla RANCH welcomed a new member to their family. His name is Nima and he is just 5 years old. Nima was living with his grandparents ever since his father went missing and his mother married another man. His grandparents have no clue where his parents are so they took the responsibility of looking after little Nima.

When he first joined us in Jumla, he could only speak his mother tongue but now, he can speak fluent Nepali which is crucial for his education. He has joined the school for the first time and is proving to be a hard-working student.

We are so happy to have him in our family and look forward to seeing him become a carrier of hope to his community.

Photo: MC Photo

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