More new faces

We want to welcome three amazing young girls to our RANCH Program!

Lhakpa, Pasang, and Samten come from different villages of the Gorkha district of Nepal. Lhakpa who is the eldest in her family loves to paint. She hopes to become a fashion designer one day. Pasang and Samten want to become social workers in the future so that they can help to bring progress and hope to those less fortunate.

They have all recently joined our scholarship program that will enable them to complete their high school education. They have really enjoyed their first few weeks with their new friends and community in the RANCH program. They are excited to be taking the next step toward achieving their dreams and being the carriers of hope in the Himalayas.

We’re excited for all of these lovely girls and their new journey with our RANCH Program.

Photo: MC Photo (Samten, Pasang, and Lhakpa from left to right)

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