Meeting with Nyima

The thing we love most about our HALO project is the way we get to care for patients from the initial phone call until they return home to their village. Our partners and staff stand by these individuals through very challenging times. The beautiful thing about our work is that the care doesn't stop when the patients return to their remote village.

Recently when visiting a project site in the remote mountains, our staff ran into one of our HALO patients, Nyima, and her husband. Nyima battled with debilitating arthritis. This along with other medical problems had taken away her ability to walk or care for herself. Our HALO project was able to help her receive therapeutic care that would have otherwise not been possible. The happen chance encounter was encouraging to us and the rest of the community of the lasting positive impact in Nyima's life.

Thank you all for being with us and being the carrier of hope to Nyima and her family.

Photo: MC Photo

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