Lakpa, the young boy

We would like to introduce you to our newest HALO patient, Lakpa!

Lakpa is a student from one of our partner schools in the Nubri Valley. Although he was born with a cleft palate that has never been treated, Lakpa is a very happy boy. Sadly, his mother recently passed away which left the family in debt due to her medical expenses.

Not long ago, Lakpa started to have severe headaches and a high fever. Despite the fact that he needed extensive medical treatment, Lakpa’s father couldn’t afford to take him to a hospital. Lakpa was treated locally at our Ghap Health Post but despite our staff’s best efforts, Lakpa's condition did not improve.

Through our HALO program, Lakpa was flown to Kathmandu where he went through various tests at a local hospital. He was diagnosed with a severe ear infection and is waiting to undergo surgery. The surgery will prevent further complications related to his hearing. While running the many tests, the doctor's also found Lakpa has very low hemoglobin levels. He is currently taking medicines to help increase his hemoglobin levels. Once this has increased to the doctor's satisfaction, he will be able to undergo the surgery. He will be staying with his uncle in Kathmandu until his treatment is completed and he is fully recovered.

Stay with us as we journey together with Lakpa on his road to recovery!

Photo: MC Photo

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