Karma, another HALO rescue

We are thrilled to share with you another successful HALO rescue. 51-year-old Karma had been suffering from a severe bowel obstruction and other internal complications for weeks. His stomach was swollen and he was barely able to move due to the pain. His condition worsened as days passed but, fortunately, MountainChild was able to fly him to Kathmandu in time for proper medical treatment.

After arriving in Kathmandu, Karma spent several days in the hospital before being discharged. Although he is still taking medication, he has started to walk and carry out most daily activities by himself. During a recent visit with our staff, Karma expressed his gratitude to MountainChild and our partners for helping to provide such a life-saving service to his remote community.

We will keep you updated about Karma’s road to recovery, so stay with us!

Photo : MC Photo

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