Improvements of Sajina

We are pleased to report that Sajina has made great physical and mental improvements in the past couple of months. MountainChild has been supporting Sajina, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hemiplegia as an infant, for the past year. She was rescued by our MC staff after seeing her neglected living environment.
When our MC staff arrived to visit Sajina, she was busy participating in the physical therapy classes that are provided every day at the center where she lives. Her teachers and caretakers were excited to tell us that Sajina, now enjoys walking by herself with the aid of a walking frame and actively participates in the different group activities. Sajina has also been displaying a wider range of emotions, such as happiness, anger, and sadness which indicates mental improvement.
We want to thank all our supporters for helping us carry hope to Sajina!
Photo: MC photo

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