Impact of our Sama Learning Center (SLC)

Our Sama Learning Center (pre-school and kindergarten) was scheduled to re-open on March 15, 2017 after a long winter break. When our staff made their way to the village of Samagaon, the village was covered in a blanket of snow, making it impossible to re-start the classes. But even in the bleak, snowy weather, our SLC staff were warmly greeted by the villagers and excited children.

Our staffs were overwhelmed by the generous help and support provided by the whole Samagaon community, as they all pitched in (men, women, children and even local police!) to help shovel the 5 feet of snow that had accumulated in the SLC courtyard. In 3 hours, with the help of 30 people, the snow had been cleared from the courtyard as well as the roof.

A precious moment of sipping hot tea together after the work was done was met with roaring laughter when a loud crashing noise scared everyone from enjoying their tea. The villagers and our SLC staff ran out of the school compound, only to realize that the loud crashing noise was just the snow sliding off the other side of the roof!

We are so excited to see the impact the SLC is having, and the way our staff and the center are integrating into the community.
Prior to the re-opening of the SLC, our staff held a parents meeting where they were informed of classes re-starting and the announcement of new adult classes that will be taught and hosted by our SLC staff at the SLC compound.
These classes will include:
Men's English class 3x a week
Women's English and Nepali class 3x week
Knitting lessons 2x week
The SLC will also start a dance class, football(soccer) practice, an English book club, and team building/character building games at the primary school next week.

We are so pleased that the SLC has become a multi-faceted project that is making a great impact in the Samagaon community. Carry Hope!
Photo: MC Sama Project

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