Life in the Himalayas is lived out together. Everyone depends on one another. Homes are open spaces. Doors keep out the cold, but not the company. Tea is always brewing, ready to be served to whoever might pop in. Everyone is a sister, auntie, uncle, grandmother, or brother.

We saw this play out earlier this year with the story of a young girl who had a severe eye injury due to a thrown rock. 

After the accident, the entire village jumped into action. The father of the boy who threw the rock accompanied the young girl on the helicopter ride down to Kathmandu when her family couldn’t and even offered to pay for her operation.

This is just how Nepal is. Life is lived together and they share the burdens of each other.

We could do a lot of good learning from the Himalayan people. Alone the burden is heavy. But together, the load is light. 

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