MountainChild doesn’t work alone. We don’t want to! In our HALO operations alone, we tag team with 4 local organizations who all play critical parts in the process. 

Community Action Nepal acts as the bridge between the critically ill or injured patients at remote health posts and MountainChild for a successful HALO rescue. 

Mediciti Hospital is the landing spot for HALO rescues. Hospital emergency staff and doctors are waiting on the helipad waiting to receive and care for patients. 

The Shree Ghap Community Awareness Society has boots on the ground in Tsum Nubri and runs the Ghap Health Post. 

SDSS is a Kathmandu based patient care organization that walks alongside HALO patients through hospital stay logistics and post hospital care. They are often the first person patients see upon landing at the hospital and a frequent friendly face on the journey to recovery. 

The mission of HALO alone is heavy! But together, alongside these dedicated organizations, the load is light. 

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