HALO #106- Buddhiman's Story of Hope (2/3)

“The mountains are tricky and can be unforgiving. If you get injured, the remoteness makes it difficult to get treatment.”

Unfortunately, Buddhiman was forced to face the challenges of the Himalayas firsthand, and his body paid the price. While herding his sheep, something he has done his entire life, he slipped and fell from a cliff causing him to break both of his legs. His friends and family carried him to the local health post. And while the health worker could diagnose the broken bones, further investigation into the severity of the injury was impossible in the village. 

 “I didn’t think I would ever be able to walk again,” he recalls.

To get the proper treatment, Buddhiman needed to get to the city. In most circumstances, this would mean people would have to carry him down the mountain over days and days of treacherous trails. 

But a different hope was present.

 “The local health workers told me about HALO and how it would help me with my injuries. I was willing to take the risk,” Buddhiman shares.

After exchanges of calls with our HALO officer and gaining permissions from the government, Buddhiman and a caregiver boarded a helicopter to get to Kathmandu.

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