HALO #106 - Buddhiman's Journey of Hope (1/3)

The Himalayas are glorious and proud. Life for many communities dwelling under these giants looks different from the rest of the world and has its own unique challenges. The terrains of the Himalayas are tough, making it difficult for people to access proper roads and essential facilities. For generations, they have relied on traditional farming or cattle-rearing to sustain their living.

For Buddhiman, a recent HALO rescue, this is his reality. Born under the shadows of the mountains, he spent his boyhood looking after his sheep and goats, guiding them to fresh pastures—a skill he learned from his father who learned from his.

His eyes grow distant as he recollects about running through rocky landscapes, whistling out to his herd to follow him. But even as a boy, Buddhiman dreamed of a different future.

“While herding sheep can be fun, it is exhausting. The mountains are a tough place to live, so I left the village to go work in a foreign land.”, he says.

But the Himalayas are home. After working hard overseas for a few years, the thoughts of the hills and his home called him back.

“I now am back to my roots, farming and grazing my sheep.”

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