Desire to study

Below is a testimony of a student from one of our partner schools located in a remote area in the Himalayas.

Pema is the oldest among her three siblings. She comes from a poor, farming family. For many years she was needed to work in the fields and help with household work instead of attending school. One day she ran away from home and met one of the staff of Shree Nubri Primary School. She pleaded with them to help her attend school so that she could pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

She began school when she was 13 years and is now in fifth grade. Although she is one of the eldest students in her school, it does not stop her from being one of the most hardworking students in her class.

Today, Pema, along with her siblings, attend Shree Nubri Primary School in pursuit of their dreams. She says, “ My ambition is to become a doctor and help needy people in future. I am very grateful towards the school for accepting me and my siblings and providing us with good facilities and education.”

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