Congratulating the graduates

We are excited to share with you that three of our RANCH graduates have recently graduated from high school. Join us in congratulating Pasang, Choenzom, and Pema as they complete one chapter of their lives and move on to the next.

Pasang was known as one of the brightest students at her high school and known for her responsible character. She will soon begin her Bachelor's degree majoring in management with the hope of pursuing her dream to become an accountant.

Choenzom is humble and is always ready to help others. With the vision of becoming a social worker, she will be gaining work experience as a teacher before she pursues her education further.

Pema is kind and has a gift to easily make friends. She will also be gaining work experience in a remote kindergarten program before she pursues her education further.

Our best wishes are with these young women as they begin a new chapter in their lives and continue to grow as carriers of hope.

Photo: MC photo

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