Chickens at Sama

We have chickens! We recently had 20 chickens brought in to Samagaon from a neighboring village. Our goal is that they will lay enough eggs to feed the students at the SLC. Because of the high altitude and rough terrain, very few edible plants grow, and chickens in these areas often don’t lay eggs. As a result, the villagers’ diet of mostly rice, potatoes, and radishes leaves them lacking in many vitamins and minerals, as well as protein. We have brought the chickens in and plan to create an environment for them in which they can produce eggs in order to provide the children at the SLC with a healthier diet.

For now, we have built a temporary shelter for the chickens; however, we are currently working on a permanent structure which will keep them warm and comfortable and hopefully, laying many eggs! We’ll keep you posted on the chicken farm and our journey to have the best producing chickens in the village!

Photo: MC Photo

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