Character Matters. Meet The Solomon Foundation

Tell us a little about your family, business, and role in the community. 

My wife, Julie, and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary later this summer.  We both grew up in Nebraska and met and the University of Nebraska- Lincoln.  We have two grown daughters.  Our oldest daughter Renee and her husband Wade live in Raleigh NC and have two boys Hunter and Colt.  Renee works at The Solomon Foundation as SVP of Special Projects. Our youngest daughter Kristin and her husband Mike live in Redondo Beach, CA, and have a son Hudson.  Kristin is an Occupational Therapist in the Los Angeles School District. 

My wife and I were part of the group that founded The Solomon Foundation almost 10 years ago and we moved to Parker, CO from Mission Viejo, CA. The Solomon Foundation is the 5th largest church extension fund in America and the fastest-growing serving The Restoration Movement Christian Church. I have worked in the church lending industry for 28 years. Julie and I are members of Southeast Christian Church.


How did you get connected with MountainChild and why have you chosen to leverage your business to carry hope in the Himalayas?

I met Josh through my connections at Southeast Christian Church and MountainChild became a tenant in our executive suites. I was immediately intrigued by the unique mission and purpose of MountainChild. A specific and unique vision that through its laser-focused vision is making a huge difference. 


What role do you think business leaders and organizations play in empowering the mission of non-profit organizations like MountainChild?

Like other dynamic ministry organizations, MountainChild has a defined mission with both ministry and business leaders serving on their board and in leadership roles.


When people speak of the character of your business and leadership, what do you hope it will be marked by?

That I made a difference in people's lives.  That I carried out the great commission. That I honored God in everything I said and did.


As a community leader, what do you hope your sponsorship of Run4Hope 2020 will communicate to the people you serve?

We care about children and we care about making a difference in the world.


What will Run4Hope 2020 look like for your family and/or business? 

We have several of our staff participating in the virtual event as our team at The Solomon Foundation is 100% behind the organization of MountainChild.

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