Baking classes at SLC

Our Sama Learning Center (SLC) is not just a place to serve the children, but also a place to serve the rest of the Sama community. Overall, the Learning Center's outreach aims to improve the living standards of the local people. Recently, our staff at the SLC organised a baking class for the guest house owners of the village. The staff taught them how to make chocolate cake, cinnamon cake, peanut butter cookies, and no bake cookies on a wood burning stove. They really enjoyed the class and our SLC staff really enjoyed teaching them!

At the end of the class, our staff advised the guest house owners to price and market their items. After this, they were asked to make cookies all by themselves, and they did an awesome job! The guest house owners enjoyed the class and requested our staff to teach them how to bake other items, like bread, in the future. Our staff will definitely plan another baking class, so stay tuned!

Photo: MC Photo

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