An unidentified man rescued

Two weeks ago we received news about an unidentified man found in a cave situated on a trekking trail close to the village of Bihi, in the Nubri Valley. Our MC staff found him to be suffering from severe frostbite on his feet as well as infections. They learned that because he was unable to walk due to his injuries, he had been taking shelter in the cave for weeks. Locals had been providing him food and water during this time, but were not able to help him any further.
Our MC staff worked quickly as this man’s feet were in a severe condition. With the help of a local Ghap resident and our MC health post worker, Birendra, the man was taken to our Health Post in Ghap. Birendra and our MC staff were able to look after the man for about a week, in which MountainChild, in partnership with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), were able to fly him to Kathmandu to receive surgery and more treatment.
During this time we found out the name of this man, who happened to be from our neighboring country of India. Antaram (injured man) received surgery in Kathmandu and is recovering well.
If it were not for the MountainChild’s Health post (Ghap) and our MC staff as well as MAF, Antaram may not have made it. We would like to commend them for carrying hope to Antaram!

Photo: MC Photo

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