64-year-old HALO patient

Janjhong is a 64-year-old lady from Bihi, a remote village in the Gorkha district. She was evacuated from her village due to deteriorating health and severe pain in her abdomen. In addition, she had other concerning health issues that were causing her pulse rate to drop to dangerous levels.

As soon as she landed at one of the hospitals in Kathmandu, Janjhong underwent numerous tests. Through the investigation, doctors found problems with her heart, her liver, and discovered she had diabetes. Thanks to the health staff who were quick to respond to Janjhong’s condition, she was able to receive the timely medical attention that saved her life!

Janjhong is still in the hospital and is undergoing several more treatments before she can be discharged and go home. We hope to see Janjhong get well soon and be a carrier of hope amongst the people in her village.

Stay with us as we journey together with Janjhong on her road to recovery!

Photo: MC Photo

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