6 Ways You Can Support MountainChild Right Where You Are

In such uncertain times, we all have a part to play! But with so many places and people hurting, it can be hard to know where to begin! The world feels strangely connected and all too remote at the same time. The need can start to feel overwhelming and it might seem like there’s so little you can do to help! But we have good news. MountainChild thrives because of the support and advocacy of people like you, all around the world! In fact, the majority of people behind our efforts, are not in Nepal! You too can be a part of our mission to carry hope to the people of the Himalayas from wherever you are in small ways. Even now.
Here are some practical ways you can join us:  

Our ELEVATE community is a group of people who are committed to using their voice and resources to carry hope to the highest, most remote places of the Himalayas. These monthly supporters play a critical role in our work in Nepal.  ELEVATE members are also the first to receive the latest updates, stories, and testimonies from the field.


We don’t want the stories of the Himalayas and the lives that are being changed to stay within the borders of Nepal!  Follow along to see and get to know the beautiful faces, amazing landscapes, and incredible stories of the Himalayas. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 


Everyone’s heard of the Himalayas, but few know what happens in the villages tucked among them and in the lives of the strong people that call it home. Help us bring awareness to the most remote places on earth and as you do, you are carrying hope! You can do this by sharing our social media posts when they inspire you, Educating your college campus about our 5 Core Issues, or sharing with your church about the need. 


Run4Hope is an annual 5 & 10K Walk and Run event that helps raise awareness and resources for our work in the Himalayas. You can already register for Run4Hope this summer! Click here to join people around the world rallying for hope for the Himalayas!

All proceeds go to fund remote clean water and educational programs, anti-trafficking and child labor initiatives, and other development projects across the Himalayas. When you join, you help us carry hope in this really important season. And there’s tons of great swag.


There are opportunities to serve with MountainChild wherever you are! From administrative, to creative, we have plenty of opportunities for you to take part in changing lives in the Himalyas. To find out more, click here.


Hope doesn’t stop with us. We want you to be inspired by the hope we carry to do the same wherever you are. Lend a hand, a meal, a smile, or a conversation to someone who needs it today. We promise it will be worth it.

We carry hope together! Thanks for coming along for the journey with us! 

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