News / 04 May 2018

Art class with SLC

During the winter holiday, some of our SLC students were down from the mountains visiting Kathmandu with their parents. During this time our…

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News / 28 April 2018

Sama students in Kathmandu

Some of our Sama Learning Center (SLC) students were in Kathmandu over the winter holiday and had the opportunity to visit the zoo. It was such an…

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News / 25 April 2018

Shree Nubri Basic School Rebuilt

The April 2015 earthquake will always be remembered in the hearts of the Nepali people as a day of great loss, destruction, and despair. Yet after…

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News / 22 April 2018

Filter distribution in Dojam

As MountainChild desires to carry hope all across the Himalayas' remote communities, recently one of our teams traveled to the far-northwest…

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News / 19 April 2018

Mingmar joining our SLC team

We are so excited to share with you that Mingmar, a graduate of our Kathmandu RANCH, will be joining the SLC team in Nubri this Spring! Recently,…

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News / 16 April 2018

Home again!

Our recent HALO patient, Sukumar, has finally returned home! He had fallen off a cliff causing a break in his pelvis and femur that left him…

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News / 10 April 2018

MountainChild Celebrates 18th Anniversary

This year we celebrate 18 years as an organization! It is exciting to look back at where we started and see how far we have come. So many lessons…

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News / 03 April 2018

Last update on Maya

We are celebrating with Maya as she has entered into another exciting journey! Maya had been taking private tutoring classes for several months and…

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News / 30 March 2018

Little Nyima in Kathmandu

Previously we shared about little Nyima and how MountainChild assisted Nyima and her brother to travel to Kathmandu for her medical treatment. After…

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News / 26 March 2018

Sukumar, another HALO rescue

Sukumar, a 28-year-old man from the Nubri Valley, fell 50 meters off a cliff while gathering fodder for his sheep. He lay unconscious for the whole…

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News / 20 March 2018

Reconstruction almost done!

The reconstruction of Shree Nubri Primary School is almost done! We have been patiently waiting to see the rebuilding of the school in Ghap.…

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News / 17 March 2018

Little Nyima

Recently our Ghap health post staff came across a 7-year-old girl named Nyima while visiting the village of Chhak. Nyima is noticeably small for her…

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News / 14 March 2018

Follow-up research at Sama

Recently, our health staff visited Samagaun for follow-up research where 152 water filters were distributed last year. From the research conducted,…

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News / 11 March 2018

Healthcare for All

Our staff at the Ghap Health Post provide service and care to many villagers living in their area. Recently they came across a 73-year-old lady who…

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News / 05 March 2018

Full recovery

A young monk was suffering from extreme abdominal pain. He had not eaten and had not been able to move for several days. After being flown to…

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News / 02 March 2018

A fresh new start

For more than a decade MountainChild has built strong relationships with partners who have helped to create beautiful memories and have impacted the…

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News / 27 February 2018

Back to home

Thinlay has returned back to his home healthy! Previously we shared about Thinlay, our first HALO rescue patient. He was airlifted to…

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News / 23 February 2018

Tsewang, the toughest kid

We are always pleased to share stories of the impact of our work in the lives of the people we serve. Here is the story of Tsewang, one of our Sama…

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News / 17 February 2018

Water filter distribution

MountainChild works together with local NGOs to provide a variety of health-related programs to improve overall health conditions in remote villages…

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News / 14 February 2018

Ngawang, 8-year-old Mustang boy

A few months ago, one of our staff came across an 8-year-old boy, Ngawang, who has cerebral palsy. Ngawang and his family live in a very remote…

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News / 11 February 2018

A vision of 15-year old

Below is a testimony of a student from one of our partner schools located in a high Himalayan valley. Nima is 15 years old and his parents are…

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News / 08 February 2018

Karma, another HALO rescue

We are thrilled to share with you another successful HALO rescue. 51-year-old Karma had been suffering from a severe bowel obstruction and other…

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News / 02 February 2018

Update on Thinlay

Thinlay, our first HALO rescue patient, has been recovering well since his fall from a second story building a couple months back. After suffering…

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News / 30 January 2018

Bridges in Dho Tarap

MountainChild is continually seeking opportunities to carry hope to the most remote areas of the Himalayas through initiatives and partnerships.…

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