News / 03 January 2019

The Beginnings of MountainChild

It all started when a small team trekking through the Himalayas stumbled across a group of 30 young children being escorted out of the mountains by…

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News / 22 November 2018

Last update on Lakpa

A few months ago, a student from one of our partner schools in the Nubri valley was diagnosed with a severe ear infection. Before undergoing ear…

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News / 17 November 2018


Tsewang, a 38-year-old male from the village of Gorkha, had difficulty breathing and was suffering from severe abdominal pain. He was flown from…

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News / 11 November 2018

Happy back in home

A few weeks ago during our HALO program, a lady miraculously delivered her baby boy on the village helicopter pad. During this rescue, the mother…

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News / 08 November 2018

Update on Walipini

The underground greenhouse of Sama, also known as walipini, was constructed with the goal of producing vegetables all year round. Despite the…

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News / 05 November 2018

Learning basics

We had the privilege of conducting a fun-filled art class with a group of lovely young girls who have either lost their parents or are victims of…

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News / 01 November 2018

64-year-old HALO patient

Janjhong is a 64-year-old lady from Bihi, a remote village in the Gorkha district. She was evacuated from her village due to deteriorating health…

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News / 25 October 2018

More new faces

We want to welcome three amazing young girls to our RANCH Program! Lhakpa, Pasang, and Samten come from different villages of the Gorkha district…

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News / 13 October 2018

Giving back

Two of our RANCH graduates, Pema and Choenzom, have joined our team of teachers in the Nubri valley! After graduating from High School, Pema and…

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News / 10 October 2018

Sad loss

It is with our deepest sorrow that we share this news with you. Our most recent HALO patient, Salina who was a 17-year-old girl working as a cook in…

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News / 08 October 2018

Successful delivery

Recently we had an unusual experience in our HALO program. A young pregnant lady had been in labor for more than 12 hours without any progress. Her…

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News / 02 October 2018

Meeting with Nyima

The thing we love most about our HALO project is the way we get to care for patients from the initial phone call until they return home to their…

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News / 25 September 2018

Successful ear surgery!

Lakpa’s ear surgery was a success! After patiently waiting for his hemoglobin level to rise as well as recovery from his cleft palate…

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News / 17 September 2018

Fully recovered Kunchhok

Kunchhok was flown to Kathmandu through our HALO program to receive immediate medical treatment just a few weeks ago. He was vomiting up blood,…

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News / 15 September 2018

Healthy and stronger Nyima

After three long months of being separated from her children for treatment in Kathmandu, Nyima is finally able to go home. We have witnessed her…

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News / 04 September 2018

Congratulating the graduates

We are excited to share with you that three of our RANCH graduates have recently graduated from high school. Join us in congratulating Pasang,…

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News / 01 September 2018

Sama Greenhouse updates

The hydroponics system in the greenhouse at our Sama Learning Center that was damaged during the cold winter is now up and running with leafy green…

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News / 22 August 2018

Pit greenhouse

In our quest of finding innovative ways to expand farming practices in the Himalayas, we are experimenting with growing plants in an underground…

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News / 17 August 2018

A 40-year-old man from Samagaun

Kunchhok, a 40-year-old man, was flown from the remote village of Samagaun to Kathmandu to receive medical attention. He was losing consciousness,…

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News / 14 August 2018

Quick update on our HALO patient Lakpa

After undergoing several tests, Lakpa was diagnosed with a severe ear infection and needed to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, his ear surgery was…

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News / 11 August 2018

Cheerful girl Pratima

We would like to introduce you to Pratima. She is a new member of our Kathmandu RANCH program. Pratima is originally from Chumnubri, Gorkha.…

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News / 08 August 2018

Nyima's journey

Last month we introduced you to one of our HALO patients, Nyima, who suffers from severe arthritis. She has been receiving physical therapy on a…

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News / 05 August 2018

Graduated from School

One of our RANCH students, Sangmo, has graduated from school! Sangmo belongs to a family of six siblings who live in a remote village in the…

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News / 02 August 2018

Nature walk with Sama kids

The theme last week at the SLC was “rainy season," so we took our four-year-old class on a nature walk. During the rainy season, the village of Sama…

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