News / 14 February 2018

Ngawang, 8-year-old Mustang boy

A few months ago, one of our staff came across an 8-year-old boy, Ngawang, who has cerebral palsy. Ngawang and his family live in a very remote…

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News / 11 February 2018

A vision of 15-year old

Below is a testimony of a student from one of our partner schools located in a high Himalayan valley. Nima is 15 years old and his parents are…

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News / 08 February 2018

Karma, another HALO rescue

We are thrilled to share with you another successful HALO rescue. 51-year-old Karma had been suffering from a severe bowel obstruction and other…

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News / 02 February 2018

Update on Thinlay

Thinlay, our first HALO rescue patient, has been recovering well since his fall from a second story building a couple months back. After suffering…

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News / 30 January 2018

Bridges in Dho Tarap

MountainChild is continually seeking opportunities to carry hope to the most remote areas of the Himalayas through initiatives and partnerships.…

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News / 23 January 2018

Truly a beautiful feeling!

Below is a testimony we received from a teacher at the Sama Learning Center (SLC). "Tsewang Bhuti, a seven-year-old girl, spent her days as a…

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News / 20 January 2018


Two of our RANCH girls, Mingmar and Whusear, have recently graduated from High School! We want to take a moment to congratulate them on their…

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News / 17 January 2018

Beauty in brokenness

In our recent art therapy class, we focused on seeing beauty in brokenness. The girls were given a glass cup and were asked to throw it on the…

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News / 14 January 2018

Feminine training in Nubri

Health is one of the 5 Core Issues that MountainChild focuses on to carry hope to the Himalayas. The harsh climate and rugged landscape of these…

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News / 08 January 2018

Sports Day at SAMA

Our Sama Learning Center (SLC) hosted a ‘Sports Day’ for the local primary school. The students played soccer, tug of war, shoe kick, sack race and…

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News / 04 January 2018

With Beauty for Ashes Nepal

Recently we hosted an art class with 17 women from our partnering organization, Beauty for Ashes Nepal (BFAN). The ladies' eyes beamed with…

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News / 30 December 2017

Meet Pasang

We are pleased to introduce Pasang. She is a strong woman originally from the village of Ghap. She works as an assistant for our Ghap Health Post.…

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News / 27 December 2017

Update on Sama chicken

Our chickens in Sama are doing great and have started laying eggs! At the moment we are getting four eggs each day. Some of the chickens are still…

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News / 24 December 2017

Newfound discoveries

This past week our art therapy class encouraged the girls to examine the true attributes of their character and personality. We are often too…

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News / 22 December 2017

First HALO rescue

Our first HALO rescue was a great success! Thinlay, a 33-year-old man from Namrung, fell to the ground from the second story of his house while he…

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News / 08 December 2017

Meet Tek Bahadur Shahi

We would like to introduce to you Tek Bahadur Shahi, our WASH assistant for Highlands Jumla. He is 21 years old and a local resident from Humla, a…

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News / 06 December 2017

Greenhouse in Sama

We are so excited to share with you that our Greenhouse and chicken coop are finally ready! One of our SLC student’s family generously donated a…

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News / 02 December 2017

Unique and Valuable piece

We had our very own JUMLA RANCH kids in the art therapy class! Their eyes were beaming with joy as they entered the placid room of the therapy…

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News / 15 November 2017

Health Air Lift Operation (HALO)

We take great pleasure in announcing the launch of our newest project - Health Air Lift Operation (HALO), which started this November. Working in…

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News / 13 November 2017

A quick update on Maya

Recently, Maya celebrated her 16th birthday! Her loving host family organized a fun birthday party for her. As a gift for her special day, she got…

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News / 11 November 2017

Last update on Baby Sonam

On our recent visit to Samagaun, we had the pleasure to greet Baby Sonam. Only a few months ago, she was diagnosed with sepsis, severe oedema…

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News / 08 November 2017

Camp for RANCH

For the first time this year we hosted a summer camp during Nepal's Dashain-holiday for the Kathmandu and Jumla RANCH. After a 3-day bus ride, the…

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News / 05 November 2017

Meet our new Staff

Meet Sethlal Sunar, pictured here with his family. He is our new director at the Jumla RANCH. Originally from Humla (the district to the west of…

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News / 02 November 2017

Pema's story

‘It always seems impossible until it's done.’ - Nelson Mandela The Sama Learning Center (SLC) opened last year as a pilot program to bring a…

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