News / 12 April 2017

New Birth and New Life

Below is another beautiful testimony from one of the ladies who are employed through our partnership with Beauty for Ashes, Nepal. Our hope is to…

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News / 03 March 2017

My Everything

Over the past couple of months, we have been sharing anonymous brief testimonies from within our partnership with Beauty for Ashes, Nepal. Ladies…

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News / 09 February 2017

My Life Has Changed

Below is a short anonymous testimony from a lady employed by our partner, Beauty for Ashes Nepal. As you read, know that these are real lives that…

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News / 19 January 2017

I Found Hope Here

One of our partnerships we have highlighted recently is the one with Beauty for Ashes Nepal. We partner with them to employ those who have been…

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News / 12 January 2017

Contract to Rebuild

After many hours of research and hard work, the contract for the rebuild of Ghap School in Nubri has been signed. The building is expected to take 2…

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News / 28 December 2016

Baby Tashi

In March of this year, we met a mother and a baby girl named Tashi in the village of Samdo. Recently, we returned with one of our health post staff…

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News / 20 December 2016

Women's Health Training

Since opening, the MountainChild health post in Ghap has averaged seeing seven patients a day and the workers have already been called for and…

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News / 09 December 2016

Anti-trafficking Enterprise Update

Just last week, we told you of the creation of a new facility in the Nuwakot district by our partner, Beauty for Ashes. Of the women invited to…

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News / 29 November 2016

New Nuwakot Enterprise

As most of you know, MountainChild and Beauty for Ashes have joined hands in the fight against human trafficking and the enterprise of providing…

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News / 18 November 2016

Sharing Wisdom

Recently, we shared some statistics on education among elementary-aged children. We are happy to tell you that because of a very generous donor, we…

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News / 10 November 2016

Education for the Next Generation

Even though Nepal’s Ministry of Education was established in 1951, it took nearly two decades for free primary education to become established. The…

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News / 25 October 2016

A Catalyst for Change

Just last week, we shared the exciting news of the creation of MountainChild’s new program, the Sama Project

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News / 18 October 2016

New Sama Learning Center Project

MountainChild is pleased to announce the creation of a new learning center in the village of Sama

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News / 15 October 2016

Global Handwashing Day

Today is Global Handwashing Day! We are seeing positive and powerful changes in the remote areas of the Himalayas through water, sanitation, and…

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News / 05 October 2016

Clean Water for Thulochaur

Because of a generous donor, MountainChild was able to provide 5 water tanks and 4 outlets for two adjoining villages in Thulochaur, Jumla

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News / 28 September 2016

Ghap Health Post

We recently shared about our new health post project in the village of Ghap

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News / 15 September 2016

A Better Tomorrow

Recently, we held a week-long therapeutic art class for 6 girls ages 7-14 who were either rescued out of slavery or are children of those who were…

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News / 09 September 2016

Women's Health Training

I shower on average once a day.

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News / 18 August 2016

Ghap Health Post

MountainChild has been working on building a new health post in the village of Ghap.

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News / 02 August 2016

Hopes of Migrant Workers Destroyed

Each day, many Nepali migrant workers leave in search of work abroad to provide for their family only to have their hopes destroyed by delayed pay,…

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News / 25 July 2016

Hygiene and Feminine Care Kits

A while back, we shared a post regarding the creation of hygiene bags and feminine care bags to be distributed in the remote areas. Soon after that…

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News / 12 July 2016

Earthquake Reconstruction

Recently MountainChild staff and volunteers assisted in the deconstruction of a building in a remote village that was destroyed by the earthquake.…

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News / 20 June 2016

2nd Annual Run for Hope 5K

MountainChild's 2nd Annual Run for Hope 5K is this weekend

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News / 10 June 2016

Lasting Transformation

We recently posted pictures of a girl from the MountainChild supported school in Ghap, who had changed dramatically since receiving an education.

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