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School of Hope- Shree Nubri Basic School
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  • To all who showed their dedication to raise hope yesterday, THANK YOU!! We’re so grateful for your generosity. To… Dec 2021
  • There are only a few hours remaining for us to reach our goal of raising $75K to fund education in the remote villa… Dec 2021
  • Did you know that with any donation over $29 we will send you one of these mountain ornaments? Sourced directly fr… Nov 2021
  • THANK YOU to everyone who has already given towards our goal of raising $75K for education in the Himalayas! We are… Nov 2021
  • Today people are joining together to show the power of collective generosity! We are raising $75K that will go dire… Nov 2021
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News / 15 November 2021

Raising Hope- Namrung Learning Center

The Himalayas are solemn. They stand magnificent and proud…

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News / 02 November 2021

Fostering A Presence of Hope

Lunchtime is her favorite time of the day. When the smells of dal bhat cooking in the kitchen reach her desk, she knows it’s finally time to take a…

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News / 14 September 2021

HALO #106- Buddhiman's Story of Hope (3/3)

Now, Budhhiman is going through multiple surgeries due to his complicated nature of fractures. However, the doctors are positive that his health is…

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News / 13 September 2021

HALO #106- Buddhiman's Story of Hope (2/3)

“The mountains are tricky and can be unforgiving. If you get injured, the remoteness makes it difficult to get treatment…

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News / 12 September 2021

HALO #106 - Buddhiman's Journey of Hope (1/3)

The Himalayas are glorious and proud. Life for many communities dwelling under these giants looks different from the rest of the world and has its…

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News / 13 August 2021

Shree Nubri Basic School - THE FUTURE

The Shree Nubri Basic School still has a long way to go to reach their mission, but it is encouraging to see the progress they have made over the…

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News / 12 August 2021

Shree Nubri Basic School - The HOPE

The Shree Nubri Basic School opened to provide quality education to the students of the Himalayas…

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News / 11 August 2021

Shree Nubri Basic School - The VISION

For students to reach school in the Himalayas, it means walking through the unforgiving mountain slopes. Unfortunately, the journey brings on fears…

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News / 17 May 2021

The Power of a Cup of Tea

Sharing tea is an important business in this country. Nothing begins or is official until at least one cup is consumed. When everyone takes their…

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News / 06 April 2021

WASH Training | Behind The Scenes

When we introduce MountainChild to a new area of the Himalayas, WASH training is first on our agenda to carry hope. The sanitation and health…

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News / 19 March 2021

Story of Hope | Maya Gurung

In Nepali, Maya's name means love. And for Valentine's Day last month, the day the world celebrates love, Maya partnered with Everday Himalaya to…

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News / 22 February 2021

When Hope is Hard to Find

We talk about hope a lot here. We share stories of how it is moving through dark places, saving lives, and changing the narrative of suffering in…

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News / 18 January 2021

Shyo Rescue - Hope Carried by HALO

Shyo, a village in the high Himalayas, is about 45 minutes to an hour walk away from the nearest health post. When we got a call from a health…

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News / 16 December 2020


2020 has been a busy year for HALO. With 21 rescues this year alone, HALO is growing to match the need and has found favor across the Himalayas…

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News / 15 December 2020


Life in the Himalayas is lived out together. Everyone depends on one another. Homes are open spaces. Doors keep out the cold, but not the company…

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News / 14 December 2020


MountainChild doesn’t work alone. We don’t want to! In our HALO operations alone, we tag team with 4 local organizations who all play critical parts…

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News / 13 December 2020


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the HALO phone is on. Two of our team members take turns carrying it around, on call at all times…

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News / 13 November 2020

Behind HALO - A Team's Effort (3/3)

Since HALO began in 2017, 92 patients have been rescued! For each operation, the entire team dedicates all of its effort to ensure the rescue is…

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News / 12 November 2020

Behind HALO - A Team's Effort (2/3)

After permission for a HALO rescue is confirmed, we work with Simrik Airlines to fly out and receive the patient.  The heli flies from the…

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News / 11 November 2020

Behind HALO - A Team's Effort (1/3)

HALO is a powerful program. It helps us to carry hope to the most desparate in the Himalayas, rescuing those who have no access to emergency medical…

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News / 20 October 2020


Hey, I am Rubina. I work as the Communications Assistant for MountainChild! The lockdown was certainly overwhelming, but I decided to see it as a…

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News / 19 October 2020


Hi, I'm Namrata! I work as the HALO Officer for MountainChild. As a mother, lockdown means no free time. In addition to my job, most of my…

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News / 18 October 2020


Hey! I'm Yangee. I work as a Government Liason Assistant for MoutainChild. The lockdown that hit Nepal earlier this year hit daily wages workers…

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News / 15 October 2020

Home Sweet Himalayas

It seems to human nature to gather where the food is. We cram ourselves into kitchens and gather around snack tables. Tibetans in the remote…

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