News / 13 November 2017

A quick update on Maya

Recently, Maya celebrated her 16th birthday! Her loving host family organized a fun birthday party for her. As a gift for her special day, she got…

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News / 11 November 2017

Last update on Baby Sonam

On our recent visit to Samagaun, we had the pleasure to greet Baby Sonam. Only a few months ago, she was diagnosed with sepsis, severe oedema…

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News / 08 November 2017

Camp for RANCH

For the first time this year we hosted a summer camp during Nepal's Dashain-holiday for the Kathmandu and Jumla RANCH. After a 3-day bus ride, the…

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News / 05 November 2017

Meet our new Staff

Meet Sethlal Sunar, pictured here with his family. He is our new director at the Jumla RANCH. Originally from Humla (the district to the west of…

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News / 02 November 2017

Pema's story

‘It always seems impossible until it's done.’ - Nelson Mandela The Sama Learning Center (SLC) opened last year as a pilot program to bring a…

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News / 30 October 2017

New Staff to our Healthcare team

We take great pleasure to welcome Pasang Gyaltsen to our healthcare team! Pasang is one of our RANCH graduates who has completed his Health…

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News / 30 October 2017

You will be missed!

We take this moment to express our great sadness after the passing of one of our SLC students, Pema. He was only 3 years old. He was feeling fine…

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News / 26 October 2017


Last week during our art therapy class there was a theme about “Burdens”. As a starter, we talked about the burdens we carry, whether it be…

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News / 23 October 2017

Meet our SLC teacher - Sangyee!

Sangyee is one of our hard-working teachers at the Sama Learning Center (SLC). She was brought to our Kathmandu R.A.N.C.H. when she was very little…

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News / 20 October 2017

Fruitful year with the Marpha Foundation

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a wonderful year of fruitful partnership with MARPHA Foundation! With the vision to change…

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News / 11 October 2017

Baking classes at SLC

Our Sama Learning Center (SLC) is not just a place to serve the children, but also a place to serve the rest of the Sama community. Overall, the…

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News / 08 October 2017

Carrying hope through Ghap Health post

The Ghap Health Post has been serving people who live in Ghap and its neighboring villages for the past year and a half. The people now rely on the…

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News / 03 October 2017

Chickens at Sama

We have chickens! We recently had 20 chickens brought in to Samagaon from a neighboring village. Our goal is that they will lay enough eggs to feed…

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News / 30 September 2017

Art therapy classes resumed

Our art therapy classes have resumed! We are really excited to continue with the same group of girls from last spring. Each week the girls learn…

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News / 27 September 2017

Quick update on Youden

It is our delight to share a quick update on Youden! Youden, on of our Kathmandu R.A.N.C.H. students, has a lovable personality. She is very good…

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News / 23 September 2017

Transformation of Tsering

The Sama Learning Center (SLC) opened its doors last September in Samagaon (Sama) village, a quaint village with the stunning Manaslu mountain as…

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News / 15 September 2017

Recovery and A New Start

An update on Maya Previously, we shared with you about Maya – how MountainChild rescued her and brought her to Kathmandu for medical treatment.…

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News / 12 September 2017

One-year anniversary of Sama Learning Center (SLC)

We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our Sama Learning Center (SLC). The SLC is situated in the village…

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News / 12 September 2017

A quick update on Kunxu

Recently, we had introduced to you 8-year-old Kunxu, our newest member of the Kathmandu R.A.N.C.H program. We are delighted to announce that Kunxu…

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News / 06 September 2017

Update on Kunsang

On a recent visit to Apanga Sewa Sangh (Disabled Service Center), our MC staff were greeted by Kunsang’s ever contagious smile. They were thrilled…

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News / 02 September 2017

Puberty training in Samagaon

Recently, our SLC teachers had the opportunity to conduct a puberty training at the Gauri Shankar Primary School in Samagaon, for the female…

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News / 29 August 2017

Improvements of Sajina

We are pleased to report that Sajina has made great physical and mental improvements in the past couple of months. MountainChild has been supporting…

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News / 24 August 2017

Samdo Shower Project

The village of Samdo is known as the gateway to the ancient mountainous trails and roads that lead to Tibet and the Manang district of Nepal.…

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News / 22 August 2017

Coffee training at Sama Learning Center

Our MC staff recently held a coffee training to local guest house and shop owners at the Sama Learning Center. The training included coffee…

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