News / 19 October 2020


Hi, I'm Namrata! I work as the HALO Officer for MountainChild. As a mother, lockdown means no free time. In addition to my job, most of my…

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News / 18 October 2020


Hey! I'm Yangee. I work as a Government Liason Assistant for MoutainChild. The lockdown that hit Nepal earlier this year hit daily wages workers…

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News / 15 October 2020

Home Sweet Himalayas

It seems to human nature to gather where the food is. We cram ourselves into kitchens and gather around snack tables. Tibetans in the remote…

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News / 27 September 2020

Ke Garne?

For a country as small as Nepal, it's home to one of the world's most diverse and richest cultures. The country is made up of 125 different castes…

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News / 25 August 2020

Making Momos | A Community Affair

It was warm. The air was thick with monsoon humidity, and the sun was relentless. "You hungry?" she asked me in broken English, motioning bringing…

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News / 14 August 2020

Back to School in The Himalayas!

Freshly sharpened pencils, crisp, unused notebooks, shiny new textbooks, and neatly packed backpacks. Typically, all signs that back to school…

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News / 08 August 2020


I hope to see Nepal develop more and more facilities and programs for those who have faced trauma. They need a place where they feel loved and valued…

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News / 07 August 2020


I’ve been with MountainChild for six months now. My passion has always been to encourage the marginalized and vulnerable of our society…

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News / 06 August 2020


Hi, I’m Bimala! I currently serve as the Create Hope Art Teacher for MountainChild. I was born in Rolpa to a family of 3, including our cat, Maanu!…

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News / 21 July 2020

Shree Ghap Community Awareness Society | Our Partners in Carrying Hope

MountainChild has never operated alone. We partner with several national entities that help facilitate our wok across the Himalayas. One of them is…

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News / 23 June 2020

Character Matters. Meet Sweetpea Dentistry

Tell us a little about your family, business, and role in the community…

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News / 22 June 2020

Character Matters. Meet The Solomon Foundation

Tell us a little about your family, business, and role in the community…

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News / 21 June 2020

5 Ways You Can Support MountainChild Right Where You Are

In such uncertain times, we all have a part to play! But with so many places and people hurting, it can be hard to know where to begin! The world…

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News / 18 June 2020

Reality | 3 of 3

WASH has grown into a program that has the ability to empower the future generation. They will be the ones who end the cycle of suffering by…

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News / 17 June 2020

Hope | 2 of 3

WASH began with the hope of creating lasting change. In the beginning, it taught the importance of clean water by distributing water filters. WASH…

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News / 16 June 2020

Impoverished | 1 of 3

The Himalayan people live in the most remote, unreachable places in the world. Landscapes are challenging, making the area very difficult to…

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News / 11 June 2020

The Hunt For Himalayan Gold | A Foreigner's Experience Harvesting Yarsagumba

Ready. Set. Go. All the villagers in town awkwardly half-walk, half-run down the trail that heads North. After a few minutes, the crowd breaks into…

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News / 02 June 2020

Getting Back to Ghap

The world is becoming smaller in the weirdest of ways in this season of COVID-19. We all, no matter which language we’re using, are familiar with…

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News / 21 May 2020

Pandemic or No Pandemic | Life in The Himalayas Must Go On

On their way to the day’s festival celebration, or out to the fields where they’ll plant what will sustain them for the months ahead, villagers in…

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News / 11 May 2020


HALO is a breakthrough project that carries hope to the Himalayas and I am honored to be a part of 42 rescues to date. I #carryhope so that…

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News / 10 May 2020


I joined MountainChild a little over a year ago, but I've never done anything like HALO! With a background in nursing, my passion has always been to…

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News / 09 May 2020


I am Namrata! I was born in Dhangadhi, a district far west side of Nepal. I serve as the HALO Officer. I am responsible for approving and monitoring…

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News / 25 April 2020

A Lesson In Preparedness

It’s moments like these that we learn the value of preparedness. The pandemic of COVID-19 has left much of the world in shock. And though many…

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News / 17 April 2020

In Light of Hope | Together in Lockdown

It's quiet out there. Once bustling streets are now vacated, save for a few grocery seekers scattered here and there. It's an odd feeling, hearing…

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