News / 02 January 2020

5 Realities of Trafficking in Nepal + Hope to the Hopeless

They seem lost, like they’ve never been to an airport before. For being in the international terminal, they’re carrying surprisingly little. They…

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News / 10 December 2019


Thinley was our first HALO patient. What we felt after his rescue call was indescribable. We knew we had provided a life saving solution to an…

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News / 09 December 2019


We knew we needed to bridge the gap between the limited health care in remote villages and health care found in the city. This is where HALO was…

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News / 08 December 2019


20 years ago MountainChild started its journey to bring tangible aid to those living in the most remote parts of the Nepal. Quickly 5 Core Issues…

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News / 07 November 2019

Engineering Hope

The date was May 23, 2015. It had been less than one month since April 25, 2015 7.8 magnitude earthquake and subsequent 7.2 mag aftershock. My wife…

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News / 21 October 2019


I hope to see my country as a place where all the people enjoy equal opportunities to basic health care and that will help reduce causes of…

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News / 20 October 2019


I grew up at one of the RANCH homes, a home MountainChild supports for children. Recently, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health that…

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News / 19 October 2019


Hi! I am Sonam! I was born in a small village in the Nubri Valley. From this month, I will serve as the Health Officer for MountainChild. I am a…

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News / 13 August 2019


"My dream and hope is to see an end to this crisis. I hope to see the women and children healthy and living the life they deserve. One water…

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News / 13 August 2019


“I first joined MountainChild back in 2012. Before coming on board with MC, I worked as a Child Rights Activist in my home town. It gave me a chance…

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News / 11 August 2019


“Hey! I’m Raju. I was born in Surkhet, a district in the mid-western region of Nepal. I serve as the Regional Program Manager for our projects…

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News / 18 July 2019


My first visit to Nepal was in 2008. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful people, the colorful culture and the majestic scenery, and knew…

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News / 15 June 2019

This is Run4Hope | Sarah Wheeler

This is Sarah Wheeler. And we’re grateful she’s joining us again this year! What are three fun & interesting facts about yourself? I love…

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News / 06 June 2019

Jagat Primary School - 3 of 3

All's well that ends well! After months of laborious work, dedication, and commitment, this project is finally completed! Last month, the community…

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News / 05 June 2019

Jagat Primary School - 2 of 3

As the construction progressed, there was a shortage of labor and timber. But even this proved minor compared to the discovery of large caverns…

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News / 04 June 2019

Jagat Primary School - 1 of 3

Situated in the remote district of Gorkha, the Jagat Primary School is one of the few schools that provide education to the children of that village…

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News / 16 May 2019

The Work of a Monk

I found myself sitting in a brightly lit room, beautiful wood lined the meeting room. It was hard to believe that we were sitting at 3500 meters, in…

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News / 09 April 2019

Tibetan Maternal Health

Over the last 3 years, it’s been my great pleasure to research what pregnancy and childbirth look like for Tibetan women living in the far corners…

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News / 12 March 2019

Giving Back

This month, we got to hang out with some teachers from the Sama Learning Center (SLC)! These teachers were raised at the RANCH (Remote Areas of…

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News / 13 February 2019

5 Ways You Can Join MountainChild in 2019

[video width="800" height="800" mp4=""][/video] “Coming…

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News / 03 January 2019

The Beginnings of MountainChild

It all started when a small team trekking through the Himalayas stumbled across a group of 30 young children being escorted out of the mountains by…

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News / 22 November 2018

Last update on Lakpa

A few months ago, a student from one of our partner schools in the Nubri valley was diagnosed with a severe ear infection. Before undergoing ear…

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News / 17 November 2018


Tsewang, a 38-year-old male from the village of Gorkha, had difficulty breathing and was suffering from severe abdominal pain. He was flown from…

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News / 11 November 2018

Happy back in home

A few weeks ago during our HALO program, a lady miraculously delivered her baby boy on the village helicopter pad. During this rescue, the mother…

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