Summiting the Climb: Carrying Hope to the Himalayas

The jacket is puffy and makes his movement a little sluggish but he doesn’t mind, it keeps him warm. He’d rather be wearing it than be exposed to the cold Himalayan weather. With his steel mug full of hot fresh masala tea, he gets out of his tent to take in the scenery. As a gust of cold air hits his face, he squints his eyes to adjust to the bright light, and then he sees them. 

The majestic Himalayas. 

He stands there, awed. The climbing season had begun and several days' worth of trekking around the tough terrain brought him to the base camp of the mountain. This would be a difficult challenge for him, one he had never done before

Would the climb be worth it? He could turn back now, no one would blame him—after all, the mountains are high, the weather is unpredictable, and the trails are loose and sharp. One wrong step could turn fatal. 

But then he remembers two realities that fill him with hope to conquer this challenge

First, along the trailnumerous camps exist among the high rocks, providing places of reprieve where he could rest, recover, and be renewed with fresh hope. 

Second, there are like-minded climbers all around himWhile each climber has their own strategies and are geared in their own unique way, everyone shared one clear goalto conquer the mountain! At that moment he realizes, he’s not alone.

This is the journey of MountainChild. The mountains we want to summit are difficult. There are obstacles that could make it easy to turn back from the climb. But we remember that this vision to carry hope to the Himalayas is accomplished as we recognize the same realities as the mountain climber:

First, we reach the goal one camp at a time. Every camp—symbolizing projects addressing the five core issues—has a meaning and the further we travel up the mountain to each subsequent camp, the better the chances are of creating lasting change in communities lying under the shadows of mountains.

Not only that, but as we climb, we see YOU around us spurred on by the same goal. Without this like-minded community, the ability to carry hope would be impossible.

During this end of year giving season, we have the goal of raising $100K to bring us further along on the trail of carrying hope to the Himalayas

In order to reach Camp 1, we need to raise $20K for anti-trafficking initiatives. This would ensure that children and women who have been victims of trafficking and abuse receive a second chance and healing from their trauma.  

The journey to Camp 2 requires $40K to fund a health post in remote Himalayan community that provides crucial health care quickly and locally to villages where previously it would’ve taken days of hiking to reach the nearest health facility.

The final push to Camp 3 takes $40K to provide education scholarships for Himalayan children to receive quality education for an entire year.

Will you join us? 


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