School of Hope- Shree Nubri Basic School

The luggage has been packed, and the smell of food lingers from the stove. For dinner, a mother cooks a favorite dish of her mountain child. Tomorrow, the child has a journey to take-a hike up the mountains to school.

Early the next morning, farewells are made and hope for safe travel is wished. Khadda, a religious scarf, is put around the mountain child as a blessing. With quiet sniffles and many hugs, they bid farewell until the school holidays and begin the trek.

The school takes an entire day, about eight hours of hiking, for the child to reach. But the mountain terrains are unpredictable. Roads follow steep uphills with slippery downhills. A landslide may block the path. Every so often the bells on donkeys are heard, and the mountain child quickly hugs the mountainside to make way for them-they don’t want to be pushed over by the mules!

Step after step, the little feet make their way on the rocky roads, greeting people they meet at teahouses along the way. At last, a welcome sight meets their eyes.

Their journey’s end at the school in the heart of the Himalayas – the Shree Nubri Basic School.

Shree Nubri Basic School, established on April 28, 2011, started with the hope of providing quality education to children in remote villages. Prior to the establishment of the school, children in these mountainous communities had to migrate at a young age to permanently reside in more developed parts of the country. Now, with Shree Nubri’s location and boarding facilities, essential, quality education is being provided closer to the mountain child’s home, allowing for them to return to their communities and family when school is on holiday. 

However, over the years, Shree Nubri has faced numerous challenges. Due to the remoteness of the region, well-trained teachers were difficult to find, and in 2015, a devastating shock was dealt the school as an earthquake destroyed the campus. 

But hope was not lost. 

After we became aware of the devastation, MountainChild, along with a partner organization, helped to rebuild the school, and on April 7, 2018, we handed the new building back to the community. Starting from ground zero, the school persevered and grew more than its challenges.

Over the years, Shree Nubri has seen many graduates and now, the primary school, which initially was only available for children up to grade 5, has classes running up to grade 8. With this incredible growth, the school saw the need to expand in order to meet the demand. We are excited to announce that thanks to an extraordinary donation from a generous supporter, the expansion of the Shree Nubri Basic School can be realized! More rooms will be built, helping students engage more in extracurricular activities, and allowing fewer numbers of students in each classroom, ensuring each child is given equal attention.

The climb is always daunting to look at from the ground. Before reaching the rewarding view at the top, it is the ascent that requires hope.

Hope is rising for the Shree Nubri Basic School, as well as the community that it serves. 

We are just ONE WEEK AWAY from Giving Tuesday when we will be raising $75K to support schools like Shree Nubri. A generous donor is matching all donations up to $75K, which means that together, we could raise as much as $150K that will go directly towards programs and projects benefitting children in the Himalayas! 

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