Raising Hope- Namrung Learning Center

The Himalayas are solemn. They stand magnificent and proud. Beneath the shadow of these giants lie hundreds of remote communities, most reached only by multiple days of trekking from the nearest road. 

However, a certain family is particularly loud, and you’ll probably hear them before you see them!

The Nubri Learning Center (NLC) is more of a home than a pre-primary school. Made up of three campuses scattered around the Northern Gorkha, the NLC is the first of its kind in the Nubri Valley, providing much-needed, quality education for children starting at the age of 5. 

Due to the remoteness of Himalayan villages, many are deprived of basic necessities like education. Not only this, but the essential importance of pre-primary school is not well-known and therefore is rarely offered in the Valley. The NLC seeks to fill this void. Since the official opening in 2019, it has graduated 22 students to primary school and currently has 35 students enrolled. 

For the students and teachers, the learning center is the hope that they share; a hope towards lasting change. And with this underlying promise, they bond together to make this hope a reality. The learning center has become a home for the students and the teachers-it has become their second family. 

And this NLC family doesn’t limit its reach to children only. It also opens its doors to the community, offering adult literacy classes so every person has the opportunity to learn. Currently, 17 adults from surrounding communities attend these classes weekly. 

The success of three learning campuses ascends the communities where they are established. 

Now, we plan to take the next step.

A new NLC campus in Namrung, a village in the high mountains of the Nubri Valley, plans to raise hope into new heights. 

The Namrung Campus will be located in an older school building that is currently being renovated. It is still in the early stages of reconstruction, but the learning center hopes to open in the Spring of 2022. This new location will benefit students who otherwise would have to walk for almost three hours to reach the nearest learning center

New students will be joining, well-trained teachers will be guiding, and the locals will be getting a chance to learn to love reading.

A new community will be given hope.

This is what excites us. This is why we do what we do. 

We are just two weeks away from Giving Tuesday when we will be raising $75K to support schools like the Namrung Learning Center. A generous donor is matching all donations up to $75K, which means that together, we could raise as much as $150K that will go directly towards programs and projects benefitting children in the Himalayas! 
Don’t want to wait until Giving Tuesday? You can join us today by donating now to fund projects and programs in the Himalayas! 

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