Hope Knows No Limits

He sees them running. At the bazaar, hours downhill from his mountain home, children his age were wearing similar clothes, hurrying as they yelled. They were late for something. 

Is there something urgent? The boy wondered.

Time was usually so slow in the Himalayas. Unless your herd was a bit too close to the edge of the cliff, no one hurried anywhere. But these kids were clearly eager to get somewhere. They were carrying bags, too. They looked heavy.

Then he remembered. A school had just opened where mountain children could learn to read and write. 

Maybe they were going there? Maybe he could join them? The boy thought. He could then be as learned as the Doctor-saheb who sometimes visits his village. Something he always wanted to be! Or maybe someone as important as the Village Head? He was an educated man who sat on chairs that rotate! Or maybe, just maybe …. the boy wondered and dreamt of all the possibilities.

“Tenzin - it’s time to go.”

Ah! That’s right. Tenzin thought as he snapped back to reality: the long journey back home. Where he lives is not as vibrant and busy as the bazaar where he joins his father to sell their family crops. It’s plain, rocky, on a steep uphill, and sometimes lonely. There were no schools to be late for. Instead, he would spend his days helping his mother take care of his newborn sister and plowing the field.

But on the way back, he would tell his father about his dreams again, quite oblivious to the expression his father always showed when he shared.

It’s kind but remorseful, hopeful but skeptical. Almost as if in rebellion to the life they know he says,  “A child should dream without any doubts and hope without any fear.”

The above story might be fictional, but the thoughts and feelings depicted are not uncommon for children that live in the mountains. Especially in this age of information and technology, children who grow up in the villages are daring to dream big dreams despite their circumstances. Schools and proper education help their wild imaginations thrive, help cultivate their dreams. But schools in the mountains are few and far between - days walk away from many villages and impossible for some to reach.

That's where MountainChild aims to bridge the gap with strategic plans toward addressing the Himalaya’s 5 core issues. We want to steward the dreams of the mountain child, and see a new reality be born.

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