Something shifts in the air as you climb higher into the Himalayas. It gets quiet, almost eerily so. There are no blaring car horns, no buzzing wires, no bustling city sounds. The dust and smog evaporate, the air gets thin and crisp. You can almost taste it. The higher you go, the more your legs burn. But the snowcapped peaks in the distance beckon you forward, higher, farther. They’re the finish line, the ones championing you and cheering you on to ascend higher than ever before.

For some it’s the thrill, but for us, the reason we ascend, the reason we go to the heights we do, is to get to the people who need hope the most. We know that beneath those iconic, monstrous snowcapped peaks are children, people and communities living and dying without hope. Our aim is to change that, to carry hope to new heights. 

We know the tasks before us—the mountains ahead of usare not easy. We know you know that, too. Pandemics continue, nations rage, and the world feels as weary as ever. 

But we climb mountains one step at a time. And when we get to do it beside people like you, it makes the top seem that much closer.

This year, as you hunt for the perfect gifts, string lights around your home and gather with your family, we want to invite you into ours, into the stories of those who have committed to ascending with us to carry hope to new heights.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing videos of those who have taken one small step with us and have given generously to carry hope to the Himalayas. Every small step—every simple act of generosity—creates an unmistakable impact and together, we’ll ascend higher than ever before, no matter the obstacles before us.

Throughout this month, you can help us reach our goal of $400k raised. Every dollar will directly contribute to elevating the lives of those living in one of the most remote places on earth! 

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