COVID as an opportunity

The coronavirus has brought about unspeakable challenges around the world. We shared early on that the coronavirus had a unique way of making the world feel a little smaller. For the first time, it felt like we were, all of us around the world, united against a single obstacle. It has united us specifically and uniquely with communities in the remote Himalayas. We’ve served the Himalayas in the areas of health, education, anti-trafficking, child labor, and the environment for the past 22 years. But COVID-19, though devastating, has allowed us to present and maintain our loyalty to these communities and these people we love so dearly. Check out the stats and info below for all we’ve been able to accomplish and be a part of since the onset of the pandemic. 


  • About 50 PPE sets were carried from the city to the remote Himalayas to protect frontline workers from infection while continuing to serve their communities.

  • A total of 22 trainings were given on prevention and awareness of COVID-19. Misinformation and fear quickly spread at the onslaught of the pandemic and education was key to effectively controlling the spread in the Himalayas. 

  • While he was in the city, we trained a health technician who works in Philim, Gorkha on how to operate an oxygen concentrator, a machine that changed the COVID recovery process and helped save lives.

  • HALO operations and logistics were used in conjunction with government efforts to transport first and second doses into the remote Himalayas to further control the spread of the coronavirus among mountain communities.

  • Our friends at the Ghap Health Post participated in the first mountain vaccine campaign for 1st and 2nd doses.

  • The Jagat School’s campus was utilized by the village as a quarantine center for those passing through the village.

  • MountainChild staff translated and contextualized World Health Organization awareness documents to distribute among villagers and use as training material.


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