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Summiting the Climb: Carrying Hope to the Himalayas
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  • Did you know that until 1852 there was another mountain known as the highest peak of the world other than Mt. Evere… Feb 2023
  • This month, we’d like to introduce our Nepali word for love. Nepalis call ‘Love’- “Maya” or “Prem”- which are als… Feb 2023
  • Good News from our Health Posts! 812 patients have been treated by our health team in Northern Gorkha over the las… Jan 2023
  • Here’s your Nepali of the month! “Babu” and “Nani” are great terms to know if there are little kids around! Littl… Jan 2023
  • This is Nepal. Rara lake is the largest lake in Nepal with a total area of 10.4 square kilometres. It lies at abou… Jan 2023
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News / 25 September 2022

A Mountain Girl goes to School

The warm April sunlight wakes Pasang. Yawning, she sheepishly checks the time. Her eyes open wide as she realizes it's already 7am, and she’s going…

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News / 15 August 2022


Odds are your feeds are flooded these days with proud parents sending their kids off to a higher grade. They’re probably holding a chalkboard that…

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News / 27 July 2022

Journey To The Mountains

A thrill runs down his spine…

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News / 24 June 2022

Tibetan Delicacies You Have To Try!

Nepal takes pride in its diversity…

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News / 20 March 2022

COVID as an opportunity

The coronavirus has brought about unspeakable challenges around the world. We shared early on that the coronavirus had a unique way of making the…

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News / 15 March 2022

Anuradha Koirala

Maiti holds a special meaning for Nepali women. It evokes feelings of comfort and brings up memories close to their hearts…

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News / 21 February 2022

Hope Knows No Limits

He sees them running. At the bazaar, hours downhill from his mountain home, children his age were wearing similar clothes, hurrying as they yelled…

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News / 21 January 2022


Thousands of trails wind through the Himalayas. They line the sides of towering mountains and creep deep into its forests, uncovering valleys…

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News / 14 January 2022

Threads of Hope - The Himalayan Pangden

As the sun casts early shadows on the Himalayas, the family is fed, the dishes are washed, and the laundry is hung on the line to dry…

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News / 23 December 2021

Simple Acts of Generosity Carry Hope: Family

“Hope means there’s more that can be done. It’s not the end of the rope and there’s a feeling that there’s more opportunity and action…

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News / 22 December 2021


How can you leverage your 9-to-5 to carry hope to the Himalayas? Check out this incredible Colorado business that decided to "say yes" to a simple…

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News / 15 December 2021

Simple Acts of Generosity Carry Hope: Business Professional

“I do think generosity is something that can be practiced and actually helps draw your heart more into the activities that are being done…

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News / 07 December 2021


Something shifts in the air as you climb higher into the Himalayas…

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News / 22 November 2021

School of Hope- Shree Nubri Basic School

The luggage has been packed, and the smell of food lingers from the stove…

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News / 15 November 2021

Raising Hope- Namrung Learning Center

The Himalayas are solemn. They stand magnificent and proud…

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News / 02 November 2021

Fostering A Presence of Hope

Lunchtime is her favorite time of the day. When the smells of dal bhat cooking in the kitchen reach her desk, she knows it’s finally time to take a…

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News / 13 August 2021

Shree Nubri Basic School - THE FUTURE

The Shree Nubri Basic School still has a long way to go to reach their mission, but it is encouraging to see the progress they have made over the…

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News / 12 August 2021

Shree Nubri Basic School - The HOPE

The Shree Nubri Basic School opened to provide quality education to the students of the Himalayas…

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News / 11 August 2021

Shree Nubri Basic School - The VISION

For students to reach school in the Himalayas, it means walking through the unforgiving mountain slopes. Unfortunately, the journey brings on fears…

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News / 17 May 2021

The Power of a Cup of Tea

Sharing tea is an important business in this country. Nothing begins or is official until at least one cup is consumed. When everyone takes their…

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News / 06 April 2021

WASH Training | Behind The Scenes

When we introduce MountainChild to a new area of the Himalayas, WASH training is first on our agenda to carry hope. The sanitation and health…

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News / 19 March 2021

Story of Hope | Maya Gurung

In Nepali, Maya's name means love. And for Valentine's Day last month, the day the world celebrates love, Maya partnered with Everday Himalaya to…

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News / 22 February 2021

When Hope is Hard to Find

We talk about hope a lot here. We share stories of how it is moving through dark places, saving lives, and changing the narrative of suffering in…

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News / 20 October 2020


Hey, I am Rubina. I work as the Communications Assistant for MountainChild! The lockdown was certainly overwhelming, but I decided to see it as a…

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