Together we are raising hope in the Himalayas

a dedicated group of difference makers who are passionate about raising hope in the Himalayas.

to bring together a community of generous monthly supporters who are committed to doing something BIG. We are talking Mount Everest - 29,029 ft - kind of big.

to raise hope by tackling the hard issues affecting those in the Himalayas

Over the past 20 years MountainChild has been on the ground partnering with local entities to build schools and health posts in remote villages. We’ve rolled up our sleeves in the fight against sex trafficking and child labor. We’ve been able to provide consistent and long-term natural disaster relief to some of the world’s hardest to reach places. This work has been fueled and funded by ordinary people joining hands with those in the Himalayas through simple acts of generosity.

But there’s still work to be done and ELEVATE provides a sustainable foundation rooted in our core mission to carry hope to the children of the Himalayas.

We’re on a mission to raise hope to new heights. Joining hands with friends like you— from around the world— will get us there! When you give monthly you’ll join ELEVATE, a dedicated community of difference makers committed to impacting lives in the Himalayas.

29k feet is the tallest peak in the world.

$29 a month will #RAISEHOPE there!


Join a team of difference makers who are just as passionate about the Himalayas as you and committed to a simple, monthly act of generosity that raises hope and elevates lives! The load is lighter and the journey more beautiful together.


Joining ELEVATE puts you in the center of the action. We want you to know what your generosity and the collective impact is making in the Himalayas. You can expect to hear from us monthly.

Elevate Swag

As a BIG THANK YOU for your monthly commitment we'll be sending you some exclusive ELEVATE swag when you commit to graciously giving $29 or more per month.


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